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Early Childhood Loss and Later Panic: Preter and Klein

Early Childhood Loss and Later Panic: Preter and Klein
N. Szajnberg, MD
Bowlby was a careful observer. His entire volume on Loss spoke to the power of early childhood adversity and later life.  More recently, a pediatric nephrologist at Kaiser in collaboration with others has shown that early childhood adversities, including loss, results in later adulthood medical ailments (Filetti et al); and Szajnberg and Massie followed Brodie’s cohort at thirty years to demonstrate this clinically.
Yet, Preter and Klein, citing the work of others, have shown pharmacological evidence of what appears to be a lifelong disorder in opiodergic systems due to childhood loss.
Here is the careful study:

Click Here to Read:  Lifelong opioidergic vulnerability through early life separation: A recent extension of the false suffocation alarm theory of panic disorder.  by Maurice Preter MD and Donald F. Klein, MD, DSc:  on the Reseach Gate Website on April 16, 2014.

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