Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine featured in 21 Century Business Insights, “the first and the leading Chinese Business Magazine in the U.S. market” (21CBIUS – 21世紀經濟導報)

Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine, is very pleased to announce that 21 Century Business Insights, “the first and the leading Chinese Business Magazine in the U.S. market”, is featuring us in its October edition.

Following a recent trend, 21 Century Business Insights (October 2014) has a Special Issue on U.S. bound medical tourism for UHNW/HNW Chinese patients. The piece on Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine and other private, doctor-owned consulting and clinical services catering to the Chinese market is posted here.

The entire October 2014 issue can be read here. The tablet version of the magazine is available here.

Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine is a New York City-based, doctor-owned and operated medical consulting firm that provides comprehensive, confidential health concierge, advisory and referral services to select individuals and families.

From the brochure: “Needing medical care is stressful under the best of circumstances. Whether in the United States, Asia, or elsewhere, once you become a patient, you may face a health care bureaucracy that over-emphasizes multiple, time-consuming diagnostic procedures and tests, and that de-emphasizes personalized attention. In the fast-growing “medical concierge” marketplace, Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine is unique: we are an independent, doctor-operated, health advisory, personal medical concierge and referral service designed exclu- sively for the discerning, sophisticated client.

We draw on a network of eminent clinicians and researchers who are exceptionally devoted to ensuring patient health, privacy, and comfort. In the changing landscape of modern medicine, our forward-thinking commitment is to unite the time-honored, traditional medical doctor’s mandate to protect those in need of care with the ultimate in personalized service.”

For more information on our services, please contact Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine at:

office [AT]
P: +1(212)713-5336

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