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Psychiatrist-Neuropsychiatrist-Neurologist Maurice Preter MD Nominated To Castle Connolly / New York Magazine Best Doctors of New York 2014


Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine provides comprehensive, confidential health concierge, advisory and referral services to select individuals and families.

Needing medical care is stressful under the best of circumstances. Whether in the United States, Asia, or elsewhere, once you become a patient, you may face a health care bureaucracy that over-emphasizes multiple, time-consuming diagnostic procedures and tests, and that de-emphasizes personalized attention. In the fast-growing “medical concierge” marketplace, Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine is unique: we are an independent, doctor-operated, health advisory, personal medical concierge and referral service designed exclusively for the discerning, sophisticated client.

We draw on a network of eminent clinicians and researchers who are exceptionally devoted to ensuring patient health, privacy, and comfort. In the changing landscape of modern medicine, our forward-thinking commitment is to unite the time-honored, traditional medical doctor’s mandate to protect those in need of care with the ultimate in personalized service.


You are among a select few who can choose from any product, amenity, or medical service. Yet you may become entangled in a health care system and its bureaucratic overlay. Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine helps you understand certain aspects of modern health care that may not be obvious, and that may affect your well-being and the quality of your medical care.

  • The “best” health care, or the “best” hospital, does not exist. Rather, there are centers of excellence and not infrequently, you will find variability even within such centers.
  • Limitations of choice in specific countries, regions, or facilities can affect all aspects of your medical care, from prevention to diagnosis, to treatment.
  • Third-party interests may run counter to your personal health and wellness objectives:
  • Reimbursement and regulatory processes may attempt to incentivize medical professionals to service outside interests.
  • Time-honored, effective medications that have a known risk-benefit record may be overlooked once their patent protection, and thus profitability, has expired.
  • Some novel treatments may be primarily market-driven, designed for and tested under conditions very different from yours.
  • New, life-saving developments may take 7-10 years to become publicly available. As a patient, you may not benefit from advances in medical science in a timely manner, or may be unnecessarily exposed to potentially hazardous treatments.

Our core mission is to protect, and to enhance your most valuable asset: your health. As a Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine client, you benefit from our unique expertise in providing innovative, value-add solutions to your health and wellness needs.


Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine was founded by Maurice Preter, MD, to fill the need for exclusive medical advisory and concierge services that combine first-class medical intelligence with personalized, uncompromising attention.

Dr. Preter is a neuroscientist and internationally practicing physician who was educated in Germany and France in the European medical tradition, and dual-specialty trained in New York. A Castle Connolly/New York Magazine Top Doctor, he is a member of the faculty of Columbia University, an Associate Professor of Neurology at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City, and an international lecturer and medical-legal consultant. He is fluent in English, French, and German.

Doctors in our network are among the best in their fields. They also understand the importance of time and comfort to you. We are proud to lead the way in providing exclusive, private health advice and consultation, without the burden of outside financial and bureaucratic intrusion.


Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine provides private access to a select group of eminent doctors and researchers with unparalleled medical expertise. Our mission is to protect your most valuable asset – health and wellness – with your comfort, and your sophisticated standards in mind.

Major Benefits:

  • Tailored, anticipatory, time-efficient coordination of your medical needs
  • Referrals:
    • Independent second medical opinions from our network of physicians, including consideration of integrative and alternative medicine options when appropriate
    • In-person or virtual consensus conferences with select leading medical specialists
    • VIP executive physical examinations
    • VIP fertility health
    • Whole-genome sequencing
    • Up-to-the-minute, confidential medical records
    • Consultation on longevity and preventive treatments
    • Periodic, comprehensive review of your health status with you and your treating doctors
    • Updates and developments concerning your health and wellness
    • Medical placement and monitoring of loved ones in state-of-the-art long term-care facilities


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